Town of Palmer Lake Administrative Offices

Catherine Green-Sinnard, Town Administrator (

Valerie Remington, Finance Officer (

Toni Vega, Administrative Assistant (

Office Hours: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am to 12:00, Friday


Palmer Lake Police Department

Chief Jason Vanderpool
481-2934 (non-emergencies)

The Palmer Lake Police Department has two full time police officers, including Chief Jason Vanderpool.  They are supported by part-time officers, and provide the Town of Palmer Lake coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Chief Vanderpool has done an outstanding job of keeping his department within budget the past two  years.  If you need anything during the day or night you can contact the on duty officer at 719-481-2934 to make an appointment for non-emergent incidents. The Town of Palmer Lake Police Department is active in District #38 school district safety programs.

Palmer Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief Brent Newton

719-481-2902   –

The Palmer Lake Volunteer Fire Department celebrated its 70th anniversary in the summer of 2008. The department began in the mid-1930’s and its first equipment consisted of a hand-drawn hose cart stored at an automotive garage in the center of town. When a fire started, volunteers passing by the garage would pick up the cart on the way to the fire.  Over the next several years, the department evolved. A modified 1927 Dodge became the department’s first fire truck. In 1937, the department officially began, with a new fire truck and a new station built on the corner of Middle Glenway and Valley Crescent, where the station still stands today.

In the early days of Palmer Lake, the fire department was one of the few community organizations in town. As a result, many of the town’s traditional celebrations had their beginnings with the fire department. The annual chili supper and Christmas Star lighting ceremony and Yule Log Hunt were all conducted by the town’s fire department when it began in the 1930’s. The department still oversees those operations today. The department is governed by the Palmer Lake Town Council.

Town of Palmer Lake Roads Department

Jason Dosch

Palmer Lake has 26 miles of roads; 6.5 miles of paved roads and 19.5 miles of non-paved roads. The Roads Department is responsible for grading the gravel roads and ditches, drainage, repairing of asphalt roads, brush cutting and snow removal, sign installation, inspecting utility street cuts. and general equipment maintenance.  The Roads Department is funded by the  General Fund and Road Capital Improvement Fund.


Water Department

Steve Orcutt, Water Supervisor
Jeremie Dunda, Water

The Water Department has 2 full time employees who are responsible for maintaining our water treatment facility, our two wells, and our upper and lower reservoirs. They repair water main leaks, hydrant repairs, and assist home owners when they have water issues (such as frozen pipes). They assist the Roads and Parks departments whenever possible.

Steve Orcutt, our Water Supervisor,holds certifications as  Class A Water Operator, Class “C” Wastewater License, Class “4” Water Distribution and Class “1” Wastewater Collection. Jeremie Dunda is a Class B Water Operator.